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Wanted: Dig Your Spoon Into These Irresistibly Sweet Promos

We’re changing the rules of the game! We’re constantly coming up with great promotions designed especially for your needs. Our time-limited and carefully crafted-for-you promotions enable you to enjoy a great deal on your favorite meals everytime you simply don’t feel like cooking.


Minced Chicken with Lettuce Wrap for $8.90
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NEW ITEM - Shrimp Spring Roll

$6.99 for 2 Shrimp Spring Roll
- Order Type: Pickup,Delivery
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Family Special (2) $30.99

Comes With 2 Chicken Egg Roll, 2 Cheese Puff, 2 Soups (Hot&Sour, Egg Drop, or Wonton), and 2 Entree
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Party Tray Sushi (40 pieces)

Pick any 5 sushi dishes from our menu for $35
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Party Tray $35-$95

For any question please call us at 972-509-1818
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